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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My First Jewelry Party

I am so excited to announce that I conducted my first ever jewelry party and it was a HUGE success!! My mom came up to help me select cool jewelry displays to hang my jewelry on. Plus we picked up a nice table cloth and put a shear curtain over the top to add an extra level of excellence. We went to Michael's, Hobby lobby, and even Wal-Mart to gather the items we needed. It was very fun getting to spend that time with my mom. And she was super excited to be able to, not only help with the planning, but to also be able to attend.

The day of the party I was able to get off my "other full time job" at Gap Outlet to get everything ready. We packed up the truck with my heavy table( I have learned if I ever have to set up by myself I will need lighter foldable tables). We also packed up all the gear and headed out. I also learned that it takes A LOT of time to get everything set up. I keep all of my pieces in jewelry bags, so to set up I had to take every piece out of a bag. But I didn't let it slow me down.

We got everything set up, and lite our candles to create an ambiance. Customers started to arrive and mingle. I was pretty nervous at first, but got into a groove as more people asked questions and complemented me on my creations. They just could not believe that I had created everything that was there. I myself realize I had created so much.

Here is a picture of the jewelry displays before we started putting jewelry on them.
Here are some other pictures of the night. I had a lot of fun, met some great people, and enjoyed this wonderful experience.

Also, if you live in or around the Atlanta area, and are interested in throwing a party, just let me know. You could receive a FREE one of a kind necklace. The following picture is what my host of this party picked out. Another great thing that goes on at Smiley's Creations jewelry parties is one of your lucky attendees will receive an AWESOME door prize. You can also have the option raffle off a prize, or auction off an item, or even both!

And here is a collage of the party itself. I had such an amazing time, and hope to book another party soon! :) Special Thanks to my mom for helping me with my set up, to Lewis(Tellit) for hosting my party, and Shanay for helping me take pictures! Thanks you guys!! :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Creative Spark

     The other day my mom called and let me know that she was sending me a package with a "few" necklaces she got at a flea market for really cheap. She thought I could take them apart and create some really cool pieces.

    I was at work and my husband texted me and said a package arrived for me but it was really heavy for its size. I was so excited at work that the rest of the day seemed to just drag by. I get home and start going through the box. Can I tell you, there were not only some necklaces that I can upcycle to create something cool, but tons of stretch magic, and memory wire, and earring hooks, and beads, and charms. I was like a kid at Christmas I was so excited. The best way for you to see what I mean is to show you.
      My mom really out done herself. I called her and thanked her for all the cool supplies she got for me. And she said, just think of it as an investment for your future. :-) I was so excited to hear that. As sson as I got off the phone I got busy creating. Having so many beautiful options made it tough at first, but then the creative juices got flowing and ever since that box arrived I've been a crafting fool. Here are some of the creations I've been making thanks to all the cool supplies my mom got for me!! :-)

I am so happy, thankful, and grateful to have such a lovely support system. I would just like to thank my husband for believing in me and being so supportive through my journey, and of coarse my mom. I would like to thank my friends who represent Smiley's Creations to the fullest, Sharda, Cayla, Helena, Lewis, Nita, Alicia,Regina,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The start to my jewelry making passion

              I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. I have always enjoyed making and creating things. My love for jewelry making however,  started after I went to my first ever Widespread Panic concert. I remember walking through the parking lot and looking at all the beautiful hemp necklaces that different people had for sale. There were so many different styles, and knots. All sorts of beads and pendants had been used giving each necklace a one of a kind feel. As I looked through each booth, I told myself that I wanted to be able to create awesome pieces like the ones I was seeing. I had never been to a place where everybody got along, everybody was there to enjoy great music and share their form of art. It was an eye opening experience for me.

              After I got home, I went to Michaels and picked up the book " It's Knot Hard" and started to teach myself how to tie hemp knots to form necklaces. At once I was hooked. I started making up my own designs, Tried using more strands to create different looks, placed beads on different strands to get different outcomes. My love for jewelry making started there. It has grown so much since that time, 11 years ago. From hemp jewerly I moved to beaded jewelry and just kept trying new things. I branched out from just making necklaces and started making bracelets, earrings, anklets, and matching sets. I still enjoy creating a natural look, as you can see in my Boho series. Each day I try to create something new, and I am excited to be on this journey, that will hopefully one day, lead to my dream of owning my own store, and selling the jewelry I make out of it. I am passionate about making one of a kind orignal pieces that show off a persons unique style. I want everybody to be themselves, and express themselves through wearable art that shows who they are.
              From jewelry making, I have branched out and tried creating other things. I make hair accessories, and home decor as well. I have even recently started to try my hand at painting. I will continue on this journey and hope that you will come along with me. Here is a sample of what all I enjoy making.

Boho Adjustable Bracelets

Button Anklets

Feather hair barrette 

First Try at Painting

Pocket Pals 

Boho Series 

Blue Zebra and Hot pink Home decor 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun Summer Adjustable Bracelets

New for this summer, I am making brilliantly colored hemp adjustable bracelets. These super fun bracelets come in a wide range of colors. The vibrant beads for each bracelet are carefully choosen to create one of a kind arm candy. That is one great thing about my product. It's all one of a kind! So you will never see anybody wearing the same bracelet as you. Another great thing about these bracelets is that, because they are adjustable, you do not have to worry about them fitting perfectly, because they can be adjusted to fit just like you like them! :-) I can do custom orders as well. Just tell me the colored hemp you want, plus the colored beads and I can create it for. Please allow at least 1 week for custom orders. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blown Glass Pink Cancer Ribbon Necklace Raffle

Just about every person out there has known somebody that has been affected by cancer. This disease has touched so many of my friends and families life, I want to do something to help find a cure. And I need your help! Want to do you part in helping to find a cure? Well, I am selling raffle tickets for this necklace. Each raffle ticket is only $2, but $1 from every raffle ticket sold will go to help finding a cure for Cancer. The proceeds from this will go to the Susan G Kolmens walk for a cure. Once 20 tickets have been sold( which will cover the necklace materials and shipping)  then each ticket sold after that will go %100 to the walk for a cure. Thats right, after 20 raffle tickets have sold, the following raffle ticket purchases, %100 of the sales will go to help finding a cure!! This raffle will go on until July 1st 2012. So get your raffle tickets today. To purchase a raffle ticket you can leave your paypal email address in a comment below, or send your paypal address and info to my email at smilenout@gmail.com and I will send you an invoice. Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog, and hopefully buy a raffle ticket. Thanks for your help in helping to find a cure! Together we can make a difference!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

300 fans GIVEAWAY! :-)

It's that time again. Time for a giveaway! Help me celebrate Smiley's Creations getting 300 fans! Your prize will be a grab bag of sorts, all one of a kind handmade Smiley's Creations. This contest will go longer than usual. Ending June 2nd, which happens to be my 5 year anniversary! This is a scavenger hunt on my blog and facebook page. This is going to require you to go through my blog, and facebook page to find the answers to the following questions. The answers might be in a picture, in an album, under any of my blog post, or tabs on my blog or facebook page. This might take some time, but please read this whole blog for what you will need to do to win! Most importantly you will learn a liitle about me and my creations AND HAVE FUN!! :) You need to find the following things:::
****what is the name of my friend that helped me set up for my first ever craft festival
****what is the title of my favorite book?
****what kind of tablet do I have and who got it for me?
****where is my full time job?
**** The date the picture was added where there is a dog upside down in the picture.
****The "now" price of the flower hemp choker under my etsy shop page tab on facebook.
****I make two styles of little bead people, what are they called?
****What's the name of the first blog I ever wrote.
****What does the cover photo say?
****What does the green custom order have as a charm?
****Besides crafting what is one of my favorite things to do?
****name 4 of the titles of my albums.
****whats my pinterest url
****where does my mom live?

Now, once you have found the answer to all of these questions you should comment below stating ive got all the answers, then email me @ smilenout@gmail.com with your answers. The first person to get all of the answers correct wins. If somebody does not get all of the answers, whoever gets the most right wins! If 2 people get the same ammount of questions right, then whoever gets the answers to me the fastest wins. :) Facebook is in no way associated in this contest. This is a contest of Smiley's Creations for her fans to have a chance to win multiple prizes made by Smiley :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My First Ever Craft Festival

Just last Saturday I participated in my first ever craft festival and I had a blast! I spent over a month creating things everyday so that I would have enough inventory. Surprising the newer items that I made did really well. Since everything I make is one of a kind, that definetly helped me make several sales. My friend Cayla Hicks helped me get the day started by helping me set up. We got out there at 7 and watched the sun rise behind us. My mom and brother came from  Columbus to help me for the day. My husband also helped by talking up my product. I made several sales and doubled the table fee, which I thought was pretty good for my first show. I had so much fun watching my customers enjoy my creations. It really was a great day and a great experience. I also got invited to another craft fair, problem is its on June 2nd, which is my 5 year anniversary. I feel like my buisness is really growing and I am making more sales each week. I am getting closer to making my dream of opening Smiley's come true. I am excited to continue on my journey. Thanks to everybody that is helping me reach my dreams! You guys rock! :)