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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I was featured in a treasury


I am very excited today because my 3 strand paper bead necklace was featured in a treasury on etsy. :) This is the first time I have been featured in a treasury so it's pretty neat!

I am really enjoying my new journey of selling my items online. Each day I discover a new way to promote my creations and help others like me promote their products. It has been fun and I look forward to all this will bring.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A week full of surprises!

      This past week was a week of surprises. Last Monday I received a package from a dear friend, Jani Linde. I open the package to find a box full of things I can use to create Smiley's Creations. There were tons and tons of buttons, feathers, silk flowers, hair barrettes, beads and much much more. Needless to say, I have been busy creating every since.
       My next surprise came from my mom-in-law, Terry Stutts. She surprised me with an early Christmas present of a Xoom Tablet to help me control my etsy and facebook pages. I was so surprised!! I never thought I would have a tablet but she got a great black Friday deal and saved over $400 getting it.  I am so thankful and very excited. Having a tablet makes it so easy to manage everything when you are on the go..... like I usually am.
         Then when I woke up this morning I read an email from etsy saying I made a sell!!!! My shop has been opened since November 2nd and this is my second sale. And what is even better is that both sells were by the same customer, which means I have a return customer!! YAY!

          So this week has been GREAT!!! I am so very thankful to have the support of my friends and family. You can check out some of my creations on www.etsy.com/shop/smilenout OR www.facebook.com/smilnoutwww.etsy.com/shop/smilenout