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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My First Ever Craft Festival

Just last Saturday I participated in my first ever craft festival and I had a blast! I spent over a month creating things everyday so that I would have enough inventory. Surprising the newer items that I made did really well. Since everything I make is one of a kind, that definetly helped me make several sales. My friend Cayla Hicks helped me get the day started by helping me set up. We got out there at 7 and watched the sun rise behind us. My mom and brother came from  Columbus to help me for the day. My husband also helped by talking up my product. I made several sales and doubled the table fee, which I thought was pretty good for my first show. I had so much fun watching my customers enjoy my creations. It really was a great day and a great experience. I also got invited to another craft fair, problem is its on June 2nd, which is my 5 year anniversary. I feel like my buisness is really growing and I am making more sales each week. I am getting closer to making my dream of opening Smiley's come true. I am excited to continue on my journey. Thanks to everybody that is helping me reach my dreams! You guys rock! :)

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