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Thursday, May 3, 2012

300 fans GIVEAWAY! :-)

It's that time again. Time for a giveaway! Help me celebrate Smiley's Creations getting 300 fans! Your prize will be a grab bag of sorts, all one of a kind handmade Smiley's Creations. This contest will go longer than usual. Ending June 2nd, which happens to be my 5 year anniversary! This is a scavenger hunt on my blog and facebook page. This is going to require you to go through my blog, and facebook page to find the answers to the following questions. The answers might be in a picture, in an album, under any of my blog post, or tabs on my blog or facebook page. This might take some time, but please read this whole blog for what you will need to do to win! Most importantly you will learn a liitle about me and my creations AND HAVE FUN!! :) You need to find the following things:::
****what is the name of my friend that helped me set up for my first ever craft festival
****what is the title of my favorite book?
****what kind of tablet do I have and who got it for me?
****where is my full time job?
**** The date the picture was added where there is a dog upside down in the picture.
****The "now" price of the flower hemp choker under my etsy shop page tab on facebook.
****I make two styles of little bead people, what are they called?
****What's the name of the first blog I ever wrote.
****What does the cover photo say?
****What does the green custom order have as a charm?
****Besides crafting what is one of my favorite things to do?
****name 4 of the titles of my albums.
****whats my pinterest url
****where does my mom live?

Now, once you have found the answer to all of these questions you should comment below stating ive got all the answers, then email me @ smilenout@gmail.com with your answers. The first person to get all of the answers correct wins. If somebody does not get all of the answers, whoever gets the most right wins! If 2 people get the same ammount of questions right, then whoever gets the answers to me the fastest wins. :) Facebook is in no way associated in this contest. This is a contest of Smiley's Creations for her fans to have a chance to win multiple prizes made by Smiley :)