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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Creative Spark

     The other day my mom called and let me know that she was sending me a package with a "few" necklaces she got at a flea market for really cheap. She thought I could take them apart and create some really cool pieces.

    I was at work and my husband texted me and said a package arrived for me but it was really heavy for its size. I was so excited at work that the rest of the day seemed to just drag by. I get home and start going through the box. Can I tell you, there were not only some necklaces that I can upcycle to create something cool, but tons of stretch magic, and memory wire, and earring hooks, and beads, and charms. I was like a kid at Christmas I was so excited. The best way for you to see what I mean is to show you.
      My mom really out done herself. I called her and thanked her for all the cool supplies she got for me. And she said, just think of it as an investment for your future. :-) I was so excited to hear that. As sson as I got off the phone I got busy creating. Having so many beautiful options made it tough at first, but then the creative juices got flowing and ever since that box arrived I've been a crafting fool. Here are some of the creations I've been making thanks to all the cool supplies my mom got for me!! :-)

I am so happy, thankful, and grateful to have such a lovely support system. I would just like to thank my husband for believing in me and being so supportive through my journey, and of coarse my mom. I would like to thank my friends who represent Smiley's Creations to the fullest, Sharda, Cayla, Helena, Lewis, Nita, Alicia,Regina,