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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Trip To Remember

Justlast week I got the chance to go see my mom in Florida. It was so great to see her and my grandparents. If it wasn't for my mom, I would not be the crafter I am today. She has always supported my love of crafting, and has helped me to reach my dreams of owning my own buisness one day. She and my husband are my inspirations. They both make my life complete. Some of you know how us crafters can be, and its great to have the love and support from the ones we love.

Every time I go down there we go junkin. Besides crafting, junkin is one of my favorite things to do!! While down there I found at least 12 pieces of glass ware that I can use to decoupage. The pieces are all sorts of unique shapes and sizes. I have already made a couple pieces with my wonderful finds. Take a look at these creations.

The circle charms of the green bottle were also found at a thrift store. It was actaully part of a bracelet that I took apart. I just love taking old, unwanted items and turning them into something special and unique!

Also while down there I got a chance to take some really neat pictures of some of my products. My nanny has a beautiful yard with all sorts of flowers, and statues. Here are a few of my artsy pictures I took of some of the pieces thatbI made.